fattest f-ck alive. this fat -ss just sits and plays videogames all day. smells like dirty clothes and looks very greasey. doesnt seem like he showers more than once a week. overall fat and unsuccessful.
he smells like a yahya
the most beautiful, charming and sensitive egyptian man. talent for aesthetics and beauty in vision and thoughts.

yahya is spiritual and deep, but prevents his own success by concerns that are only illusions.

a man named yahya is hot and will always be your arab habiby.
yahya dreams of stardom while letting his daily life accomplish too little ..

yahya .. i can’t help but be in love with you forever.
a tall, dark and handsome man, most likely of somali descent. he’s the type of man who can seem incredibly caring and kind at first but it is only a matter of time before he leaves you all alone in the cold, dark and rainy world with kids.
idil: d-mn, that dude is one fine dime n-gg-, he looks totally like a yahya.

ayaan: don’t, idil. yahyas will leave you all alone in the dark whilst he be f-cking with another xaliimo.

idil: hm, true.

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