ya’ll and ain’t put together to make a super contraction yaint. but it must be in all caps
donald trump yaint my president.
yall ( you or you guys) aint(are not)
yaint going there tonight?
a three way contraction combining the words you are not or you ain’t.
y’ain’t got sh-t on me son!
something i have no clue what it means.
“yaint seen sh-t” -biscuit, 2017
much like the word “jawn”, yaint sounds like it can be used for anything and everything but is usually referring to a hot girl. not to be confused with the phrase “you ain’t”. yaint was made popular in phoenixville pa just outside of philadelphia. often used in conjunction with the word yanger.
-man, check out that yaint.

-did you see the biddies on that yaint.

(in conjunction)
-wow, look at that yaint and the other yaint with that yanger.
yes or this is it
some one ask me what do you think about this jean i asid it yaint .mean this is it or yes
~a variation of the word naint
~yaint means yes, or yes it is
a:”hey, are you home?”


a: “cool, i’ll be right over, we can watch rambo”

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