Yair Lapid

a generic name for a celebrity who is a lousy boxer, a lousy columnist and a lousy liar, who, due to good looks, tight black shirts, lots of hair gel, popularity with women and a rich father, turns into a lousy politician, and possibly a prime minister in some small banana republic in the south.
yair lapid: “i never smoked pot in my life. pot is dangerous, and it is illegal”
fact: “pot is not dangerous, and yair lapid himself was selling pot”

yair lapid: “i will not raise the taxes for the middle cl-ss”
fact: “brings up taxes for the low and middle cl-ss”

yair lapid: “the natural gas belong to the citizens and should not be sold abroad only for tyc–ns interest”
fact: “push into selling the natural gas”

ishton (a well known blogger) to yair lapid: “you came to politics, just like methane from cow droppings come into the atmosphere and you have pretty much the same effect on this world.”

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