1. v. to spin quickly in a pirouette and then snap and point at a person, uttering the greeting, “yo.”
2. v. to raise one’s hand, palm outward, and request a high five.
3. v. to spring to one’s feet abruptly during a college football game and yell out “hot d-mn,” and then sit back down.
what is up with his eternal yaj-ing?
highly derogatory name for a woman you despise. intended for pure insult. slang for v-g-n-.
i bought her drinks, and chatted her up, but in the end she hooked up with some t-ss-r. that stupid yaj.
independent music producer, mentor, philanthropist & philosopher who only accepts donations for his music.

quote from facebook
“i believe that i was placed here for a reason, which is to accomplish the following: inspire people to become the best they can be; by empowering their minds to think outside what society deems as normal, expanding their horizons by introducing them to various music styles beyond their favorite artist(s), to develop a deep sense and appreciation for all music, breaking down mental barriers regarding religion, ethnicity, s-xuality and humanity, in a hope to promote unity and destroy any and all stereotypical views of our fellowman; encomp-ssing personal obligations with personal finance to create a more informed individual, speaking positivity (v. negativity) to ensure a positive self image, discussing reality (v. fiction) to strengthen their psyche for real-life situations.”
aye that new release from yaj was hot. i’m telling everybody i know to go get that.
n. slang word meaning ‘v-g-n-‘
the largest part of the female genitalia is the yaj.

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