a group of idle losers playing soccer in your neighbourhood all day and making lots of noises. fyi, they are most of the time, black in colour.
thaddeus is a yalam
is the meaning for people with really fat -ss with the name khairul. these people modify their bikes and skatboard all day in your neighbourhood and disturb you by shouting at you saying ‘ eh kau bodoh la sial’ something like that
kok wei kai and family are yalam
he who creates fake facebook accounts of a celebrity and then in a laughable attempt to fantasize about being the celebritiy’s romantic other half, is stupid enough to publicly list himself as that celebrity’s boyfriend on facebook, so that millions of people can witness his stupidity.
a yalam, from malaysia, in action on facebook:

his unique user link is: facebook dot com/billyjt
the user id of the fake account he created is: facebook dot com/profile.php?id=100000078430483

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