a j-panese company that produces some of the finest motorcycles, atvs, and stereo equiptment around. contrary to popular beleif among honda, kawasaki, and suzuki enthusiasts, its not just a sh-tty company that makes sh-tty bikes that require maintenence all the time.
before race: man that yamaha’s a peice of sh-t, i can take that anytime.
after race: f-ckin’ bike, its not working right, i would have toasted you.
along with the afore mentioned electronics and small, open motor vehicles they also make a wide variety of musical instruments.
yamaha makes some very well made br-ss, woodwind, stringed and percussion equipment. thou they are not the best money can buy, if you want a good musical instrument that will last you years don’t p-ss buy them.
the first musical instrument i ever bought was a yamaha ysl trombone, 9 years ago. that horn went though 3 years of middle school, 4 years of marching band in high school and is in its second year of college football-band usage. i use a bach for cl-ss now but i will have that yamaha until the day i die.
word shouted when someone of a specific coolness and group is in or around the dehater farm area. word orginated in florida by sarge!
stunning br–sts, boss t-ts,
f-ckin h-ll gen, your t-ts are big, but look at the yamahas on that sl-t!
a company that makes motorised vehicles and music instruments. probably some other non related things as well.
why you would want to buy a trombone from a company that makes dirtbikes is beyond me.
a big company that gave whitney huston’ a lift with that vibes sound
ahh hear that yamaha dx sound,
yeah i know, its awesome
the roller coaster enthusiast’s roller coaster rating scale, derived from the expression “yaaa! my hat!” refering to the lost of a hat while riding. the number of yamahas indicates the speed and quality of a ride, the greater the number, the better the ride. the antonym is nomaha].
that child’s roller coaster wasn’t even worth one yamaha.

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