another word for a h-m-s-xual male
i heard he takes it in the b-tt. what a yandit

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  • janway

    the funk master and s-xiest last name or person there is look at janway he’s s-xy

  • front neck

    the art of poking someone or jabbing someone in the front of the neck, generally causing the person to get angry, or to “fat neck” you. (fat necking is the art of smacking someone in the back of the neck to cause pain). lol, you just got front necked.

  • waccurate

    a measure for non-alternative, real wack facts. sean: wow, so the head of the epa doesn’t believe in climate change? francesca: no he doesn’t, sean. that is waccurate. sean: oh, f-cking darnit my darling francesca! i hate being right when the truth is waccurate. francesca: it’s hopefully going to be okay, sean. come rest by […]

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    literally means beautiful… so you know that any person carrying this name is going to be absolutely spectacular. has the most caring heart and truest personality, you’re lucky if you’ve ever encountered a djamila. in antiquity was also a goddess so yeah… straight up pure joy in a name and human form. person 1: dude… […]

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    ratchet fishy is same as ratchet only worse… imagine ratchet ruby… imagine the nastiest p-ssy you ever saw. thats ratchet fishy… like tweaker pregnant women are ratchet fishy………….. made up by barnyard shes so ratchet fishy! steal yo crack

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