when a person is yaois-xual they commit. no, not as in killing yourself don’t you dare think that way negativity will not be tolerated here and can get you no where in life either. remember these wise words. now where was i going with this… oh yes i mean commitment yaoi all day, everyday. its a part of you, you are one with it. it is your very existence. you are yaoi. once you go yaoi, you can never go back. yaoi be your life. you love it. you love watching male love to satisfy yourself in your spare time. you enjoy watching yaoi, reading about it, fantasizing, whatever it is you do. yaoi is the j-panese phrase of gay if you must know, so enjoy them yaoi anime fan-fics and whatnot. you are a yaois-xual human walking the earth proudly of what you do and believe in. ok yeah that sounded a bit religious just now but whatever. let it be a religion. yay for gay pride. have an yaoitastical day! ♡
the author of this definition was willing to describe their yaoi friend. afterall, i’m only as-xual, i tried. enjoy reading people of all kinds!

to my friend:

continue watching and shipping people/characters like there’s no tomorrow. i will never forget the moment i was shipped with a rock and all different kinds of things that isn’t really physically possible. though hey why not?

stay away folks, you don’t want to mess with an yaois-xual peorson. they can get really intense and dangerous when it comes to love and shipping people, objects and anything else you can think of really. though they still be awesome because why not make everything a joke these days. life is already a joke afterall. though life is basically anything… life is sh-t, garbage, love, beauty, treasured, art, yaoi, gay, straight, made, anime, movies, tv, gold, short, difficult, simple, complicated, a journey, trash, no wait i already said garbage. well its whatever you make it to be.

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