a postmodern abstract concept whose definition is entirely context dependent.
“remember that time when i saw you at the supermarket? that was so yaoleif!”

“she told me likes to go to the beach. how yaoleif!”

“sorry, i don’t date yaoleifs.”

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  • humpiversary

    the anniversary of when you first started sleeping with someone. “ok, i know we’re just friends with benefits, but it’s been one year since we first started this whole thing and i wanted to take you out to dinner to celebrate. happy humpiversary!”

  • golde

    a term for a lesbian girl who crossdresses as a girl, so noone will realise she is lesbian. bob: yo did u kno that jessica was lesbian henry: no way… but she acts like a girl bob: i kno i think shes a golde

  • hyeejah

    the act of defecating in a public or private toilet while hanging suspended with one leg over each of the walls on either side. dude i just took the most awesome hyeejah in the bathroom of my lecture hall! did you hear about the hyeejah that happened yesterday?

  • hypenotize

    to persuade a group of people to accept and believe something that is not true or to prevent a group of people from figuring out something that is true using hype and propaganda. the government constantly hypenotizes us with exaggerated, bogus statistics and other lies.

  • hairracade

    temporary loss of a full field of vision due to ones bangs hanging in the eyes. common affliction among redneck girls and guys with 80s metal hairstyles. officer, i so didn’t see that red light ’cause my hairracade was in my way.

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