the fisrt drops of rain
the bloom of flowers
fisrt days of spring
a golden bracelet
a flower in heaven
a friend in an old lang
the g-dess of water
an angel
yara angel is the g-dness of water
these girls are real, honest, sweet people. they always want to help and they care for you. they are extremely nice and s-xy as sh-t. yara’s are extremely rare, so if you have one, you’re lucky.
wow she’s perfect. she must be (a) yara.
a sweetheart, loved by everyone, yara is truly a wonder. shes so beautiful and s-xy, any guy would be lucky to have her. she happens to be very h-rny and loves s-x and shes really good at it. shes a big turn on to most guys and most consider her as a s-x god. she knows how to have a good time. shes a good friend, always there for people and gives amazing advice. anyone that has a yara is quite lucky.
i just f-cked yara, d-mn shes soo good at it
the star that guides the way. it comes from the old arabic origins. =)
when the 3 wise men were lost, it was yara that lead their way.
yara`s are wonderful mexican chicks who are nice and kind but dont get at her when shes p-ssed!!!! shes awesome and calm during the day but loves to party majorly at night. she`s a great friend companion and company. love to hang out with nikki`s.
guy1: have you seen the new chick yara
guy2: yup i want to marry her and never ever leave her
guy1: dont we all?
yall are real -ssholes.
bob: p-ss the c-ck soup!!
steve: you want the c-ck soup?
me: yara
someone who is very protective over their words and a complete loserface. but…very loveable!!!
jake: loserface!!
“yara: hey! that’s m?y word you wannabe!!!!

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