a lesbian girl. usually extremely short. has a temper and a very bad personality
yasmeen: da hoe
beautiful beyond imagination, a soul and heart of and angel,she has the grace of a swan, she would give you hope when there was once none, she will be a friend when no 1 else will, she could make you feel like the most loved person on earth, truly a gift from god, to know her is a privilege that should be granted to every one, because of her spirit she is a magnet for lost souls.
she would make you smile on your darkest day. only god could have created some one as amazing as her
like a rainbow after the rain
usually a complete all around beautiful girl inside and out.on a bad day when she walks in the room the day turns autamaticly exciting and fun just like her. and anyone who doeant recognize this, obviously needs gl-sses. she knows exactly how to treat people to make them feel like they are the most incredible person in the world no matter who they are.

lots people talk about her. but its not because of her wrong doings its because of their jealousy and just not knowing her. girls get jealous of her easily and dont know how to show it so they talk bad about her when they dont really know her. guy magnet and will treat any guy like they should be.
beautiful like a summer sunset ……yasmeen
the correct way of saying the name yasmin.
it’s not yasmin, its yasmeen! idiot.
a f-cking amazing mate and a wonderful and special girl whom i care for very much <3 ya know that yasmeen, shes f-cking awesome, i totally love her man a great friend. always there for you. but, forever alone in the relationship world. that girl yasmeen is so awesome. dat arab b-tch that always ruins your day with her nasty personality and giant f-cking t-ts. since she's arab her family is always involved with fraud dealing. "yasmeen, i need to lick your eyebrow you dumb b-tch"

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