common phrase used by u.s. marines with the military occupational speciality of 1833 (-ssault amphibious vehicle crewman) or 2141 (-ssault amphibious vehicle repairman) to explain to the world how they feel about other u.s. marine occupations. the phrase “yat-yas” translates to “you aint tracks then you aint sh-t”.
pfc: “good morning gunny.”
gysgt: “yat-yas devil dog, how are you?”
an acronym used by marines normally amtrackers (amphibious tracked vehicle drivers) as a greeting, a sign of understanding, can be an adjective or simply just a statement. which translates to “you ain’t tracks, you and sh-t”. this term has been around probably since the early 1960’s.
q: are you ready to get wet?
a: yat-yas

yat-yas mother f-cker

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