a b–b, or b–bs
look at those yawbows

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  • p*rny grail

    the fabled holy grail of p-rn. some say it’s just a myth, while others say it’s a deeply hidden secret buried in the depths of the internet. “one day, i’ll find the p-rny grail, and when i do, i’ll never have to search for my favorite kinks on sketchy websites again!”

  • whaledie

    a whaledie is the opposite of worldie, meaning a person of above average weight. that girl’s a whaledie! (mean’s she is fat) why don’t you go pull that whaledie? (someone that is a last resort on a night out)

  • billionaire dropout

    a college student who didn’t graduate, but went on to earn an obscene amount of money from the success of his start-up. millions of entrepreneurs worldwide dream of emulating the success story of billionaire dropouts like bill gates, steve jobs, and mark zuckerberg.

  • meeche

    fine and an handsome guy who would treat you right. he won’t break your heart and he will always love you mo matter what and suprises you with all kinds of money. there’s no better boyfriend than meeche. 🙂 meeche is a kind young man.

  • feet potato

    fat feet, that don’t move. fat gross feet. you have feet potatos.

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