a way to conform yourself
you are conformed =(

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  • yawp

    a group or herd of yetis that live and travel together like a wolf pack. the yawp migrate together every year. a barbaric cry or noise. i sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world. w-nganese slang for idiot. tuna: what a @#$%in yawp. santa: h-lls yeah.

  • yawp yawp

    yawp yawp is another word for yup yup so its all kool: yawp yawp

  • yawr

    another form of saying yes. “ja’kwon did you clean the garage?” “yawr.” a cross between a feeble roar and a yawn, commonly used by idiots of no definable race or gender o_0 yawr, im a tired idiot of no definable race or gender

  • yawrina

    a word which comes from the northern regions of south jammu kashmir and basically mean f-cker… posted by respectable raja kashif mahmood and -ssociate raja omair masud… currently studying at napier university.. computer yawrina… means computer f-cker..

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    the word awesome is pretty awesome alone, yet when you add a y…. bam! it strikes you, awesome just got more yawsome! use it to describe anything you wish, just remember i created it b-tches! “omg that’s yawsome!” you want some more yawsome with your awesome? a word used by lazy ( or just has […]

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