like blazed you or pulled one over on your friends
look a bald guy everyone looks he is really not there then you say yaysen

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  • yayuhzz

    sounds like a spic trying to be like lil’ jon chudat wins ssbm! yayuhzz!

  • yayuk

    the word yayuk comes from an american native language maning the lowest form of a human being. in the 1900′, the french used the word yayuk to point out a pile of dung. they would pr-nounced it like “ya-yuck”, which then was transformed into yayuk to eventually beome a name. eww, yayuk is right there, […]

  • yayuken

    game based on rock-paper-scissors, where the loser has to strip. made popular by the comic duo konto 55 in the 70’s i showed rock, she showed paper, then she got to see my twing and berries.

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    a halloween extravaganza which takes place in a swamp. visitors touring the “haunted” swamp are driven on an airboat to each spooky section. sometimes remotely-controlled or automatically controlled monsters will jump out from the side and scare you. hey kids there’s supposed to be a good airboat spooktacular this year, let’s check it out!

  • akaneh

    a nickname for someone who is pretty fly for a white guy white guy 1: you’re such an akaneh white guy 2: well, you know, i do it all for the nookie

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