ycfm flu

the ycfm flu is a deadly disease that has horrible and terrifying side effects.
it originally came from ycfm, ( you can’t f-cking mess (with me) ) a male from alabama u.s.a and unfortunately he was badly affected from a mental illness now known as the ycfm.
because of this, his body made this chemical (ycfm) to try to get rid of this spreading problem,
and instead of fixing the problem, it spread on to others.

it first starts to affect the victim by using aggressive language on a selected target.
it’s hoping to get the target closer to interact for a chance for ycfm to spread.

then, the victim starts to get violent as the bacteria messes more with the brain.
as it does that, ycfm is trying to get the target away from them so it can spread onto other people,
or cause a commotion for a crowd of new targets.

sometimes if this fails, ycfm has a plan b, in case the first one doesn’t work, being absolutely horrible.
some examples are : being a strict -sshole, kicking and hurting without reason, shouting like h-ll is inside him, blaming others, and much more terrible things.

if that doesn’t work, plan c. … let’s not even talk about it.
do you have the ycfm flu or something?

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