ye gawds

ye gawds is old-timer slang for “oh, my gosh!” and “give me a break!” — all packed into one nifty punch. it conveys a cranky annoyance more than a “holy toledo!” excitement and is a good option when you’re really wanting to say something more profane but need to mind your manners.

it’s more hick than urban and works well for folks with a penchant for mid-century modern, sweater sets and small town gossip. dang and geesh are tolerable alternatives, but if you’re into mayberry or maybe even mad men and want to impress your friends, go with “ye gawds” and you’ll knock their knickers off.
“did you hear what martha’s daughter did the other day? she snuck out of the house in the middle of the night, dumped a gallon of hairspray into the truck’s gas tank, and drove into town to see her boyfriend.”

“ye gawds, sally. kids these days, you know?”

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