a fungus that bakers use to make their bread rise.

a fungus that infects womens’ v-g-n-s, causing them to produce a cottage cheese-like substance.
the bakery was unable to produce enough bread because of a shortage of baker’s yeast.

i ain’t gonna f-ck my girl coz she’s got a yeast infection.
small, single-celled fungi of the phylum ascomycota that reproduce by fission and are capable of fermenting carbohydrates into alcohol and carbon dioxide (webster’s).
i baked the bread and waited for the yeast to rise.
how does not using toilet paper make you a sl-t?
an emphatic word that can be used as an insult or an adjective.
-you stupid yeast!

-that person sure was yeasty.
1. something/someone very big or fat.
2. feeling of extreme laziness.
1. look at that girl, what a yeast.
2. man, i feel like such a yeast today.
when one is harboring yeast cultures in their tw-t. i hear yogurt is good for curing such infections. if you don’t get these infections checked out it may lead to greater trouble.

yeast cultures make me itchy.
yeast is a bodily substance of which a wild creature called the “poul” enjoys running through his teeth. pouls have been known to baths in the substance. the pouls have a high concentration of yeast in their v-g-n-s so that they will never run out of yeast.
friend:woah, look at that poul.
the wild poul: yeasty is for feasty!
an term used to insult and describe a really ugly looking person, comes from the blending of the lexemes “beast” and “yeti” and means ugly! or dog!
can be used as a noun or as an adjective.
person 1: “hey! check out that person over there”
person 2: “oh man… yeast!!!”

person 1: “ey bro did ya see that chick i was danc’in wif in da club?”
person 2: “f-k bro.. she was yeast”

-ugly person walks past-

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