an exclamation used when your excitement level does not warrant the use of another more extreme exclamation.
person 1: my shin bruise healed!
person 2: yee!

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  • yktu

    yktu is the abbrevation for “you know the usual”. it can basicly be the answer for any question? yo, hamzili, you gonna bang some hoes tonight? “yktu”

  • zebedei

    b-lls non rompermi gli zebedei! (dont break my b-lls!)

  • acident

    unforeseen accident that happens to somebody while tripping on acid! “man, i acidentially tried to pull a badge from a cop to see details on it better!” “i thought i hooked up with a girl, but she was a graffiti. what an acident!” 1 word related to acident

  • a dana

    when you spend all day doing pointless activates at work. how was your day? well everyone is mad at me because i pulled a dana and did not do anything.

  • alixann

    smells like a left foot, but has a b-tt that you want to be friends with. her ears radiate like gemstones but her teeth are a little jagged. possibly a stripper that will most likely sell you cocaine. “that rotting fish smells like alixann”

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