yeeder is a term used when excited and as a replacement to “yeah”, “yes”, and especially “yee” (look it up). it was really born as just an add on to “yee”. yee-der
“you at the party?”


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  • yeederbop

    yeederbop is another word for saying yes in a positive way. person 1: would you like to go snowboarding this winter? person 2: yeederbop!

  • yeeder like derek jeter

    a term created by angie; to be said in place of h-ll yeah or h-ll yes; yee+ der (like derek jeter) yeeder like derek jeter!

  • Yee-Doe

    yee when a person wants to express “yes” in a more colloquial and friendly jargon doe following “yes” or “yee” the noun meaning a verbage similar to dude vadym: dawgg you in dnc? sagar: yee-doe vadym: aight

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