a bunch of women “yapping” about topics few people care about….but they just keep on talking
the view is a typical yentafest

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  • Yentagon

    your local jewish community services building. etymology: yiddish word: yenta (n./v. a gossip, or busybody), and pentagon: n. that big building in dc. these buildings often contain many bustling agencies with oddly-acronymed names and people busily shuffling about within them. and, oy, word spreads fast… “there’s a bake-sale telethon street-fair this sunday at the yentagon. […]

  • yental

    usually jewish and usually a woman, a matchmaker. “don’t be a yental, mom, i don’t want a blind date with one of your friend’s kids.” a jewish lental; jooooooooooooooooooo i had 1 yental yesterday

  • yentas

    b-tches, fugazees, fake, chumps dem chumps on 115th is some yentas fam

  • Yentasaurus

    a person who is always in everyone’s business. a yenta who is nosy to the point of being ferocious. my mother is such a yentasaurus, my friends and i found her outside the door of my room, listening to our conversation.

  • Yentes

    woman with huge t-tties. that milf is a real yentes!

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