yerba mate

used to point out when somebody is dancing way too fast for the given music, most likely, though not necessarily, due to the influence of drugs.
person a, “radiohead is playing a slow song, but that chick is dancing like it’s some dj hype dnb.”
person b, “yerba mate.”
south american green tea – quickly becoming a big thingy in the state’s, some say its growing because of the slammin effects (better than coffee)and the health stuff, but i think it’s because it’s taken with hot water through a pipe looking bombilla and gourd that looks like a green tea bong.
“yo what it that? it looks like a ganga juice and a pipe”

“nombre, it’s argentine, i’m off the beans and i’m drinking ‘mate’ cause it’s got antioxidants”

see pics:
a dank green tea smuggled from south america to new jersey. hot water is poured several times on loose tea, and drank through a straw called a bombilla. usually the cup is a gourd.

rituals include staying up for several nights, painting, and playing music, dismantling the town’s light tower, spray painting, playing bluegr-ss, and smoking a blunt while drinking the tea behind sevies and thrift shops.
yo i’m all matted out, lets face climb your house kid!

-yerba mate
the substance deviously known as the large deposits of water on the highway roads, found either during, or subsequent to a rainstorm. these deposits spew out from beneath the vehicle and from the sides of 99% of automobiles driving through them. they spray to the side, soaking cars, gr-ss and telephone poles alike.
bobby: hey dude, turn the radio up, there’s some van halen on 101.1

colin: sick, i love this-

bobby: aw sh-t, i just sprayed some yerba mate all over my car!

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