yesp is a form of ‘yes’, it could possibly mean i agree, or as an answer to a question. the word yesp is drived from the english word yes and the language of the snakes.
anubis: oh mighty snake queen are yee going to slay my god for saken town?

snake queen: yesp, my people and i will ransack your town and rape your people of life.

anubis: you evil b-tch, before you kill me, will you tell me the secret p-ssword?

snake queen: yesp, i will grant you that, mortal. the secret p-ssword is p-n-s. now you must die!

snake queen attacks and slays with one mighty bite…
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a person who says yes to organ donation. because the donor is statistically a white, college-educated person, the word “yesp” is a combination of wasp and “yes.”
hospitals guess at which patients might be “yesps” because preparation for organ harvesting has to begin long in advance of family members being asked to donate their relative’s organs.

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