a hot and s-xy guy. he always gives girls there night to remember!!!!
oh yessssss yes yianny yes

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  • sperteclious

    another way to say offensive for douchebags who make up long words to seem smarter. bill: “today i found out my uncle died in 9/11, but he died doing what he loved.” james: “what was it he loved doing?” bill: “flying planes.” james: “don’t you think that joke is a little sperteclious?

  • shookering

    the process of making someone shook. when sally made someone shook she was using shookering. the process of making someone shook my friend was shookering me.

  • nutcone

    when you bust a nut in an ice cream cone and make someone eat it. she asked for ice cream, i gave her a nutcone

  • sh*tipe

    a person at the poverty level and expects everything for free. usually more than one of these traits are presented. poor hygiene, never changing clothes, lives in a dwelling that has holes in the wall(s), excessive smoker, high usage of recreational drugs. man that guy is sh-tipe, he always asks for cigarettes and rides. i […]

  • lil rizky

    to call a shot or event as likely to happen then get it completely wrong. i’m going to lil rizky that you’re going to make this shot.

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