yig is an acronym which stands for “yes, i’m gay.” it is often used in chat rooms when the room goes quiet to start up conversation again.
rene: yig
devin: omg yig2!!!
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interchangable with the word yee. usually used with excitment. see also yiggities.
“you tryna hit a blunt?”
yig(s) (noun) – exceptionally high quality marijuana (weed).

to yig (verb) – to smoke such excellent quality marijuana.
friend 1: this car smells like like yigs.

friend 2: yeah, we cruised and yigged in here for like an hour last night.
youth in government. a youth program run by the ymca. yig has 3 functions: model -ssemblye which models state legislature, model united nations which models the un and conference on national affairs. it is run in about 34 states. also known as yag/youth and government
billy was very invovled in yig
yeah okay; yes
“i am going out right now, yig”
-are you really going to game all night? -yig.
a god from the cthulhu mythos which is the father of snakes, he is easy to please, but he is also easy to anger. watch out, if you kill a snake on his watch he’ll turn you into one (or a half-snake/ half-human hybrid, depends on whom you ask) or simply kill you. natives consider him bad medicine, so stay the f-word away.
snake-men such as d-ck cheney worship yig.
essentially, another word for awesome.
that cd was so totally yig that i kicked my mom right in the face.

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