a really gorgeous girl, inside and out. super athletic. super funny. never dull. fun to be around. always puts you in a good mood. a dare devil. likes to have a good time and always up for anything!
y’leigh is so fun to be around! there’s never a dull moment!

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  • nutty walrus

    when you c-m in a girls mouth then punch her in the stomach so the c-m shoots out of her nose like walrus tusks. i have her a nutty walrus

  • strongsville strudel

    the art of purchasing videgame systems and keeping it a secret from friends and family while simultaneously p-ssing flatulence. person 1: you want to play ps2? person 2: sure, let’s invite (person3). person 1: he’s prolly playing ps4. person 2: he has a ps4? person 1: not sure. i think he’s pulling a strongsville strudel.

  • jeeka

    more than a nickname, an alternate personality. loving and caring but also will go to war for the people she loves. look in her eyes and your heart will be hers. unique and possesses qualities you never knew u wanted and gives you new meaning to your life. where is jeeka at?

  • glossy biscuits

    c-m on both t-ts or both -ss cheeks. i gave her the glossy biscuits.

  • turtle tennis

    where snot is in your mouth and you kiss/ spit in someones mouth and put the snot in there mouth and it goes back and forth. she wanted to play turtle tennis last night! where you rip off your turtles head and throw it back and forth with a friend. why did she want to […]

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