yoav is a guy that is always loved by everyone he meets, has a bright history full of friends, and sometimes bullies, never miss out on this kind of person, you will regret it! yoav is always social, hanging out with all people, it doesn’t matter what gender color or race he is. people laugh about yoav, but little do they know he is going to help them one day, most of the time people call yoav g-y.
girl one: d-mn i really want to be yoav’s girlfriend but i want to keep being his good friend too!
girl two: me too!
girl three: every single girl i met wants to!
yoav is the kind of guy who is friends with just about everyone. whether it’s his sarcastic jokes or sweet compliments he’s always gonna put a smile on your face. he’s got all the qualities of a perfect boyfriend; he’s good looking, super sweet, really nice, respectful, can always make you laugh, and just an amazing guy. if you ever come across someone named yoav you should definitely get to know him cause you won’t regret it.
girl 1: did you hear? the new girl is dating yoav!
girl 2: i know! she’s so lucky!

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