ratchet hoe. trampy. someone who is wack or out of line.
bruh you straight yoggin right now

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  • slopy handjob

    a handjob which is very sh-t and dosent feel very nice also the person doing it is usually clawed kiera kiera gives slopy handjob

  • sadeen

    sadeen is someone who is very sweet, but can be rude if needed. sadeens are gorgeous have an att-tude and help others. she’s funny and she’s lit. oh you heard of sadeen? she’s so funny.

  • third violin

    usually the best/worst violinists. they need to be so good they can pretend to be another instrument, the viola. but they are usually forgotten and are known as violists. audience member what instrument are you playing? third violinist third violin audience member wow!! is that good or bad?

  • clownmander in chief

    anytime the commander is chief of any nation is a clown. the clownmander in chief offered to send our soldiers to mexico to help them with their bad hombre problem.

  • yaslyn

    persian for jasmine jasmine (yaslyn) is profoundly in love with aladdin

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