YOLOing it

the act of refusing to put on a condom: unprotected s-xual intercourse.

usually ends badly.
chris: “we were in the bathroom, her -ss going wild when i revealed i was yoloing it.”

mike: “what’d she say?”

chris: “i think she was too drunk to hear what i said”

mike: “i heard she got pregnant”

chris: “f-k.”

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  • f*cking minute

    a minute lasting about 20-25 seconds, about the time a loser can stay on top of a girl. “emma, wait one f-ck-ng minute!” “d-mn man, it to you a whole f-ck-ng minute to do her?”

  • hamster clothes

    clothes that should fit a hamster but a girl has but on her body. jax had to girls in those hamster clothes with him last night!

  • alfreds*xual

    someone who is s-xually attracted to alfreds person one: hey, isn’t that guy attractive? person two: is his name alfred? person one: no? person two: do not want. person one: why not? person two: i am alfreds-xual.

  • patrick and seans house

    otherwise known as psh. it is probably the best place in the world. it is where brain cells come to die. lets go to patrick and seans house tonight, i am keen for a f@cking jol.

  • f*cklet

    a child who is conceived through a good f-ck-ng as opposed to an act of love. often used after the word b-st-rd to strengthen it – b-st-rd f-cklet – , thereby implying the child was not only conceived out of wedlock, but also from a loveless scr-w-ng – a good f-cking. could just be a […]

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