you ain’t seen nothing yet

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  • You-all

    (used in direct address to two or more persons, or to one person who represents a family, organization, etc.): you-all come back now, hear? tell your mother it’s time you-all came to visit us. historical examples ruth fielding at silver ranch alice b. emerson desert dust edwin l. sabin emerson’s wife and other western stories […]

  • You-better-believe-something

    you better believe something

  • You-better-believe-it

    see: you’d better believe it

  • You-can-say-that-again

    you can say that again also, you said it. i totally agree with what you said, as in what a relief that brian didn’t get hurt.—you can say that again! or this is a huge house.—you said it. [ ; first half of 1900s ]

  • You-can-t-fight-city-hall

    you can’t fight city hall

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