You can’t write it

1. regarding a ridiculous situation which could not have been predicted or written beforehand.
2. regarding a ridiculous situation which could not be written about afterwards.

it could be so ridiculous or outrageous both apply.

synonymous with “you can’t make this stuff up”.
1. stephen: “oh sh-t, did you hear how ian got three fit girls pregnant in one night? two of them already had boyfriends! who would have thought, you can’t write it!”

2. scott: “so i was refused alcohol the other day, and i ended up with my evening ruined, immediately back home. i mean, you can’t write it, you can’t even write it.. i’ve had enough, i’ve enough of this. that’s it. that’s it lads! naaaaah, that’s it! i’m going to bed! i am going to bed!”

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