you guys

pr-noun. an informal, plebeian, all-american term used to address more than one person, without regard to the s-xes of the addressees. continually gaining popularity in this function as a subst-tute for “you,” “you all,” “y’all,” even among the highly educated, and even among traditional people deep in the south, home of rival, functionally-equivalent term “y’all.” may draw its growing appeal, which stretches across barriers of age, economic and educational background, ethnicity, and geography, from its apparent congeniality to the all-american ethics of superficial egalitarianism, aversion to pretensions of education, and emulating popular media and celebrities. also may be gaining popularity among aging baby boomers as these struggle to maintain some vestiges of youthfulness and relevance. presently, the term is partially and even fully replacing “y’all” in the communications of many southerners, many of whom may be inspired by, in addition to the reasons given above, an insecurity about their accent and/or regional origins. very formal or linguistically-fastidious people may be irritated when others use this term. proud southerners may view the use of the term by their fellow southerners as a form of cultural betrayal, as a form of scalawag-ism.
young-at-heart grandmother in baton rouge, speaking on the phone with her daughter-in-law: “you guys wanna come over thursday night for some gumbo?”

balding-but-youthful -ssociate professor of english at an sec college, to a half-filled cl-ssroom of students on a friday: “you guys turned in some great essays, full of original and deep concepts. since tomorrow’s a game day, and since y’all’ve worked so hard lately, let’s end cl-ss early. also, i’m kind of hungover–hehe. you guys have a great weekend!”
to call group of people…used both for male or female.
do you guys have a book ??
1. a reference to a group of men and women.
example (setup): what the “baby-ruth” guy said in the movie goonies.
example (actual): “hey you guys!”
an exclaimation to descibe discomfort at a situation, which posseses danger to reach the limit.
guys looking at nice looking girls:

kikle: you guys!!!! awwwwwww
a phrase used to berate or lecture multiple people at once. the person speaking the phrase is often angry and upset. the individual does not know whom or where to direct his/her anger so the individual directs it at an often innocent, larger audience. this is commonly exhibited in the workplace. the verb for this phrase is “yg’d”
“you guys i do all the work around here!” “you guys didn’t tell me about the meeting!” “work sucked today. i got yg’d” “dude, i got yg’d while you were at lunch.” “she is always yg’ing me.”
this term is used to reduce the awkwardness that the less-educated among us have with the fact that the singular and plural form of “you” in english is the same. it is used by restaurant hosts/hostesses and servers relentlessly. a particularly vulgar aberration of an already bad-enough term would be to say “yous guys”, which is often heard in long island. and then, there is the southern aberration, “y’all” – an example of southerns’ unfamiliarity with the english language.
“welcome to applbee’s; would you guys like something to drink?”
proof of america’s s-xist bias. although it’s obviously designed to address the male s-x, this phrase is used just as often by girls between girls.
after leaving band cl-ss every day, i would always hear the same group of girls address one another: “hey, you guys, listen.” i find it ironic there was not a single guy in their midst.

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