when something hurts it is youchi, a sudden bout of pain could cause you to say “youchi”.
my new tattoo is very youchi today.

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  • you chief?

    “you chief?” is a phrase to ask if you want to smoke up a not formerly known female, as a way to meet. a phrase not unlike “can i buy you a drink”, however, involving marijuana insted. (walking on the boardwalk you and a friend spot a group of girls) “yo girls, you chief?

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    no two orange halves fit together except the two you cut. hence ‘you complete my orange’ not my heart because half my heart isn’t actually missing. “you complete my orange maggie”

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    another way of asking, “do you get high?” slater: you cool? mitch: like how? slater (rolling eyes): yeah, okay, man. pink: he was asking if you get high.

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