Younger Sister Theory

a theory that states that all younger sisters are either ugly, r-t-rded or mind-numbingly annoying, no matter what. sometimes, they can be a combination of these, or all three at once. these attributes are more pr-nounced the greater the age difference between the younger siter and her older sibling.

if the older sibling dies, the younger sister becomes neutral until such time that a younger brother is born, in which case the older sister theory will take effect.

similar to the older sister theory, if there is a not-annoying, -r-t-rded or -ugly younger sister, then one or more of the following must be true:

1. she is not blood related
2. she has a disease
3. she has addiction problems
4. she does not really have older siblings
5. you are living a lie
guy1 “so your sister’s a total tw-t, huh?”
guy2 “why would you say that?”
guy1 “younger sister theory.”
guy3 “b-tch must die!”
guy2 “actually, she’s not that bad.”
guy1 “dude! seriously?!”
guy2 “we aren’t actually related, chill out.”
guy3 “sweet! you into voyeurism?”

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