youre a lick

someone being a b-m
“youre a lick”

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  • masturtweeting

    the act of using twitter solely for self-pleasure or self-aggrandis-m-nt trump’s unhinged and fact-disregarding pr-nouncements over twitter are the best example ever of masturtweeting!

  • raw feet

    when you have no shoes on and you’re salty. wow, my feet are so raw. (raw feet!)

  • dayvia

    a girl who is actually caring at first and really nice behind doors but outside act like she doesn’t know you and sees wrong in others but not herself she’s also very smart but doesn’t care that she is doing bad thinks she big and bad but really isn’t she’s also a very pretty girl […]

  • hot sake

    “hot sah-kay” noun. s-m-n fresh from the source. asuh bruh! “i gave her the ol’ hot sake last night!”

  • bekalu

    1. mispelling of bakerloo, a train station in london 2. god 3. prime minister elect of pakistan 4. leader of the illuminati oh sh-t. it’s bekalu.

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