ypur is a strange elk-like animal which originated in a spamming session on the ppc’s message board. spammers asked for pictures of ypur. these were provided, but the spammers kept spamming.
“post pictures of ypur”

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  • YPVS

    rd350ypvs – 1980’s 2 stroke sportsbike, successor of the lc and mighty fine in it’s day. now collected by strange men with a p-ssion for rooting in oily boxes at autojumbles. he had a ‘valve, but it shat itself. did you see that slapper – i nearly shat myself. yamaha power valve system. the thing […]

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    you p-ssy, you! ypy, get me some beer!

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    short-handed and cute way of saying “like you” or “i like you” “yq” “what?” “i like you” “oh, why didn’t you just say so?” -sigh-

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    short for “and on the eighth day, g-d said let there be (insert object here)” implies that something is so pure and awesome, only g-d could have created it. “g-d said ‘let there be paintball’. g-d saw how good paintball was and was pleased.”

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