hot australian with a great voice
yukio rocks my sox

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  • yukio hatoyama

    the former prime minister of j-pan under emperor akihito. his party broke the liberal democratic parties long held power over j-pan. in 2010, he resigned after scandel and was replaced by his co-democrat naoto kan. like most j-panese prime ministers, yukio hatoyama lasted less than a year

  • yukiphobia

    1. the fear of the ignorance brought on by yuki inoue. i got yukiphobia after spending a couple of minutes talking to him.

  • Yukisaurus

    a person thats seems like spin-off variation of the anime/manga character from gravitation, eiri yuki. he’s good looking, dominant, and suave. has somewhat of a cold att-tude towards other people due to a troubled past. also happens to sound like a dinosaurus when he rawrs. taylor your such a yukisaurus when you rawr at me.

  • Yuki Sohma

    the rat of the chinese zodiac in the manga & anime fruits basket. when he is hugged by a member of the opposite s-x, he turns into a rat (how convenient, right?). he is called the prince at school, where he has his own fanclub. he is in love with tohru honda, but unfortunately, so […]

  • Yukk

    to excessively use someone else’s expendable product (like weed, credit, food or suncream), typically in a cheeky manner. parring man off like. “why you yukkin’ all da suncream” “don’t yukk ma draw cuz”

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