the absence of hair particularly around the genitalia.
haha you’ve got no p-b-s you f-cking yullie.

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  • Zach's Dick

    really small. person 1: dude, that test was short. person 2: yeah man, it was zach’s d-ck short.

  • pixie stick it in the tang

    when she deep throats a line of pixie stick dust off your shaft and immediately takes it in the poontang. buzzed liteyear likes to pixie stick it in the tang.

  • Ace fun

    when something is really enjoyable how was your holiday? it was ace fun!

  • Air Bet

    (noun) a gamble in which either person does not have the money on them to pay the bet. bob: i’ll bet you $20 on this roll (of dice). joe: you don’t have any money left. bob: i’ll pay you tomorrow. joe: na, i don’t do air bets.

  • black star diamond

    a girl that has only had s-x with men i dont think lisa is into girls i heard she was a black star diamond

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