a word that can replace any other word when the time feels right. when yump is used in a sentence, the user mist speak in a nord acient.
“what in the yump.” or “where in the yump is the yumping cheese!?” (original – “where in the world is the stinking cheese!?”)
another word for yes or ya
kate: u t-te
joe: yump
a small jump often formed by a crest in a road or path of a rally racing special-stage. the term “yump” is believed to have originated from foreign drivers’ pr-nunciation of “jump”.
the car’s wheels momentarily left the road as it cleared the yump.
the moment in a car chase where a car hits a ramp and is launched into the air
film director: next, the hero’s car will take a yump off the conveniently placed ramp and fly over the heads of a group of school kids crossing the road.
1. usually to strongly agree with what one is saying.
2. to affirm something.
3.subst-tution for “yep”, “yes”,
“yeah”, etc.
1. -“d-mn those are some big -ss t-ts”
-“yump!” (strong usage)
2. -“check out that -ss”
-“yump” (medium)
3. -“what a b-tch”
-“yump” (mild, to simply agree)
a word used to describe recklessly performing a stunt of some sort
guy1: “dude, why is your truck so filthy”

guy2: “oh, i was all wasted last night and decided to yump it through a cornfield”
(n.) a mono-sylabic word discovered and brought to light by the lovely gentlemen of connecticut college’s n20. it’s origins and meaning remain unknown.
i have no idea what the yump this word means.
a person or thing who looks like a fat piece of sh-t.
get away from me you yump

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