any kind of food that tastes so amazingly yummy beyond any thing that you could ever imagine
those red and white shrimp tacos were so yumscrumdeliumptious

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  • yumsh

    a word often used by british scene kids, meaning something or someone that is cool or attractive. or, it is just used in place of yum. “oh look at him, he’s so yumsh” “i’m eating chocolate, yumsh” the approval of something. may that be food, or a person’s aesthetic values. tis a variation of the […]

  • Yumskie

    a person with whom one casually flirts, dances or hooks up with. lets go to the club and get us some yumskies!

  • Yumsome

    a combination of yum plus awesome, ergo yumsome. something (usually food) which goes beyond the normal boundaries of either yum, or awesome, and is therefore, “yumsome”. my sushi was delicious. it was truly yumsome!

  • yumsta

    of or related to being yummy or delicious but only in the ultra-cool crowd. dang! that booty be yumsta.

  • yumstrous

    when something tastes so good it’s monstrously yummy! that steak was the best i’ve ever eaten; it was just yumstrous!

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