of extreme complication and only understandable to an elite race of human beings.
this programme is yutaesque, it drives me mitchnimayota

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  • crimsyn

    pretty … and a very optimistic girl. smart, loyal,silly,s-ssy the perfect girl! wait…… did i forget she was blonde too! xd crimsyn is beautiful!

  • crinstalgic

    /adj./ an amalgam of cringing and being nostalgic at the same time. i was being crinstalgic after listening to my old playlist last night.

  • divnal

    the g-yest c-nt out there. divnal was feeling josh’s b-lls. eww he’s so g-y.

  • the freds

    the bowel condition resulting from the consumption of mediocre southern buffet food at chain restaurants in florida. conditions usually include bubble guts, mudd b-tt and swamp -ss. i was going to start a liquid diet cleanse this week, but this case of the freds is going to clear my p–p shoot out asap!

  • smashtasticate

    to absolutely destroy something, beat it into the ground, completely annihilate. can also be used to demonstrate how thoroughly you’ve beaten somebody in a compet-tion such as a game or sport. we smashtasticated them guys at football last night! that dog got smashtasticated by that car! i’m gonna smashtasticate this guy with a baseball bat.

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