z27 is a term -ssociated with a school cl-ss. it is known to be the lowest possible cl-ss, for kids who are so dumb and imbecilic that they barely know how to breath.
alex: go back to z27, you idiot .

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  • meat girls

    a s-xual fetish genre where “chubby” female bodies are mutilated, violated, and consumed. almost solely on situations of rape, abduction, domination. it was after i realized that i could f-ck that decapitated girl’s neck, i knew….i was into meat girls.

  • yeet the deet

    taking someone’s golden f-cking loot and leaving those chromies with sh-t. to yeet the deet is to go and take someone’s sh-t

  • spencer wolpert

    a g-yl-rd who sucks farouks and likes it it the rear and thinks his p-n-s is a farouk but its microscopic this guy is such a g-yl-rd(spencer wolpert) he f-cks guys everday

  • chongater

    a person who acts crazy like an indian even if they aren’t one . be friends with a chongater they’ll make everything better. she drinks and parties like a chongater

  • gatlen

    a stupid mother ducker who is so dorky he’d rather watch dragon p-rn then get laid. he is very likely to play yugioh, magic, and pokémon. watch out for gatlen, he might shoot up the school

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