an annoying b-st-rd with no friends. tries looking for friends but can be a bit of an -sshole.
guy- why u got to be a zabde?

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  • averagebater

    one who is new to masturbating; not good at achieving ultimate pleasure by masturbation. i can’t afford lube, so i guess i’ll just be an averagebater for now.

  • cleverful

    a person so smart that behaves foolishly as a consequence of his cleverness! that guy is so cleverful… always getting in dumb situations because of his smart mouth.

  • bacallao

    someone who is great to hold hands with. zach and bacallao are holding hands together.

  • george w bush that p*ssy

    when your having s-x with a girl who didn’t shave and when your about to c-m, you c-m on the pubs and scream “for america” -i heard you f-cked eliza last night -ya, i george w. bush that p-ssy every weekday

  • niickdoee

    worst sfer goes 1-11 every scrim rlly trash niickdoee is a trash sfer on roblox, he goes 1-11 every scrim, he is really short and doesn’t have much friends.

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