a b-tch -ss n-gg-
yo that zacch kid such a fruitcup

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  • mustachtrophe

    an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering to the stache! watch the lighter homie, we almost had a mustachtrophe!

  • first attatchment

    first attachment is the very first person u get attached to basically (a first love ) but females don’t claim them for how terrible they did them he was my first attatchment

  • bre*n*ly

    a unique, beautiful, intelligent, one of a kind young woman. she is one of the nicest people you know. she will love and support you through h-ll and back, beautiful eyes and a heart warming smiles shes a unique beautiful intelligent girl, her name’s probably bre-n-ly

  • galaxy gusher

    (n) someone who is so obsessed with samsungs galaxy phone line that they cannot stop talking about great the phones are. they often dis other phone makers and openly deride people who disagree with their opinion. man sfomin will not shut up about his phone! he is such a galaxy gusher!

  • tug a nut

    when a man is masturbating so hard, his b-lls start to slap and make a clapping noise. ” what the h-ll is that sound coming from the bathroom?” “it’s just bennett. he had a pretty bad breakup so he’s gonna tug a nut”

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