zach kornfeld

one of the try guys at buzzfeed. kind and feminist. adorable as h-ll. usually gives the moral of the story at the end of their videos. should have embroidered “cl-toris” on the back of his jean jacket.
zach kornfeld is tweeting about fast and the furious again.
tiny nerd with gl-sses

also known for his benjamin b-tton-esq youthful looks.
person 1: wait which one of the try guys is zach kornfeld?
person 2: oh he’s the tiny nerd with gl-sses
the singles of the try guys, which just doesn’t make sense. an extremely handsome, hilarious, and down to earth guy. definitely the kind of guy you’d wine and done. overall one of the most beautiful creatures walking the earth that we’ve been blessed with.
person one: hey, do you see that really attractive guy over there with that beautiful chest hair?

person two: oh my god! that’s zach kornfeld!

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