zack b

-sshole rude to every girl
an -sshole is zack b

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  • travel beard

    when an absolute flog that never grows a beard regularly goes on a holiday and grows disgusting facial hair to let everyone know that they have been ‘travelling’. he will then return to show it off for a few days/weeks before returning to regular work. how about that flog i work with came back yesterday […]

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    is wrong stephanie lee is wrong

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    a terrible disease that makes your p-n-s fall off and your lungs explode. cause of disease: exposure to mr.pleuler: eye contact hear him coughs on you rapes you beats you eats you kills you stabs you burns you smokes you symptoms: death cancer aids excessive coughing treatments: cannabis suicide guy1: yo want to go out […]

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    shoving your erect p-n-s in the woman/mans nasal c-n-l, usualy until -j-c-l-t–n im gonna give you a idaho cowbell

  • krypiking

    the inability to stop blaming medical conditions that you honestly don’t have on your life problems. synonym for hypochondriac. please, you really need to stop krypiking. that leg of yours isn’t broken; let alone preventing you from being an able-bodied person. you’re embarr-ssing yourself and everyone in the room. go out and find a job.

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