zack busby

a pretentious manipulative person who only does things that benefit him greatly he is slanderous and greatly underestimates the intelligence of some one he commonly refers to as a fat lonely stupid idiot and zach thinks that his friends will always side with him just because of the occasional cheap joke he will make .zack thinks his words hurt others although they go through one ear and come out the other
he thinks he can do anything better than anyone and will deny saying or doing anything that proves this throughout his very sad lifetime . he once tricked a child younger than him into saying that he/she was arrogant to a m-ss of people he plays on words and the meaning of some words so that it seems as though they are worse than him .he has no sympathy for most people worse off than himself he feels no guilt for what he says or does to a his defence he has once helped a person from making a life ending decision however many believe that does not stop people from learning what other decisions he has made.
zack busby is pretentious

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