zack perry

the family reunion no one wants to go too
u are a zack perry

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  • baby quinn

    an ugly slug. aw that dead roadkill looks like a baby quinn.

  • e ripped

    the state of being retarted high. a whole other level up from being just “ripped”. man, that double-barrel bong and blunt we just smoked has me fully e-ripped!

  • anen

    really annoying girl who likes no one and is veerryyy emo like seriously she listens to metal rock and linkin park and stuff and possibly a lesbian wow, that girl is such a anen with her.

  • smeltery

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  • mexican threesome

    when you and yo girl f-ck a chipotle burrito at the same time. guy 2: dude, rebecca said you had a threesome? guy 1: yeah, with a chipotle burrito guy 2: dafuq? guy 1: yeah we had a mexican threesome

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