if you’s a hoe them you zahoe
a yo zahoe!

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  • countrytard

    a countrytard is someone who is insistent on playing cr-ppy country music at full volume 24/7 making everyone around them have burning and bleeding ears. it is horribly unpleasant yet they do not care. that countrytard just won’t quit with his boot skootin music! ugh! i hear banjos…

  • im not hungry anymore

    a (beautiful, soulful) song that marina and the diamonds leaked 17 seconds of on july 16th, 2014. there’s no rush anymore/time’s on my side/all my worries are gone/i’m enjoying the ride – i’m not hungry anymore snippet

  • universally s*xy

    to be attractive to man, women, beast……all walks of life that girl must be universally s-xy, did you see that lizard check her out!

  • talk %f0%9f%98%89

    when someone want to talk but also want a young lady to send body part pictures. we should talk 😉 more babe

  • doughgle

    is an ancient form of culinary that involves meshing the substance of desserts with delecacies. the name is derived from “doughnuts” and “bagels”. the most common form of a doughgle is a blueberry bagel topped with cream cheese and grape jelly. commonly used as s-x prop for fun and intimacy. “dude, she used a doughgle […]

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