amazing s-xy person right here
zaidia is cool

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    its p–p in algerian or sh-t you are such a khra person

  • snow hermit

    to become a snow hermit one must obtain a medium size kiddie pool and a very large group of men. while sitting in the center of the pool, multiple men will form a tight ring around the perimeter and -j-c-l-t- onto the aspiring snow hermit resulting in the run off collecting at the bottom. the […]

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    when a guy c-ms in a girl during -n-l. robert just gave thuy a chocolate twisty.

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    when someone -j-c-l-t-s inside a girl’s p-ssy, inpregnating her in most cases. there may be exceptions when condoms or birth pills are used. guy 1: i impregnated my gf last night with v-g-n- creampie! guy 2: man, i wish i could spread genes like you!

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    a person well known for dank memes. i get my weed from ‘scoutswell.’

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